Celebrating Success

Distance Badges

The Distance Series comprises a range of 20 awards that reward distance and stamina over distances from 5 metres to 5,000 metres and can be used as additional incentives throughout the International Learn to Swim Programme and Junior Lifeguard Academy.


We are really excited to be launching ‘Swimmer of the month awards’ as a way of recognising our swimmers that have achieved incredible personal success, by doing something which takes them out of their comfort zone or by achieving something which they have, in the past struggled with. 

We have introduced the Swimmer of the Month awards as a way of rewarding those children. Teachers are asked for nominations from the classes they teach and each month we make one award of a Dolphin Swimming Academy medal and certificate per evening/day.  Given that we may have up to 70 children swimming with us on one night, for a child to achieve this award is a great achievement.